The founder

When you combine the passion of dentistry, photography, and blogging, you end up with the concept Studio Dentaire (Dental Studio in French). Dr. Anto Youssef, a dentist in the Montreal region, has created Studio Dentaire in the year 1999. It was originally a dental clinic decorated with landscape photographs taken by him. This clinic design was meant to offer a Zen environment to nervous persons who had appointments for dental treatments. Over the years, this concept was transferred into a website. Dr. Anto Youssef's interest in blogging has made a place where you can find an assortment of information on many dental problems and dental treatments. The mission of is to offer impartial information and advice on all dental subjects, as dentistry is an evolving field, with new techniques emerging all the time. It is however important to consult a dental or medical professional before taking any decisions.