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What are the advantages of silver fillings?

Amalgam fillingDo grey fillings have advantages over other dental restorative materials? Technology has helped white composite fillings improve their physical properties to restore teeth efficiently and last years in a people's mouths. But despite their dark colour, silver fillings have a few advantages over other materials.

Can wisdom teeth move other teeth?

Wisdom teeth movementAlthough it use to be a popular belief that wisdom teeth caused movement and crowding of all other teeth in the mouth, more and more research is showing that they do not. The research results show that wisdom teeth don't cause other teeth to move, and it is inappropriate to extract them just for the reason to prevent unwanted dental movements.

How does smoking affect oral health?

No smokingSmoking is not only linked to lung cancer and heart disease, but it also affects oral health. Although smoking and chewing tobacco does not increase the risk of having cavities, it can do lots of damage to the gums and other parts of the mouth.


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