There is a natural concern that occurs when someone wants to have dental implants. It is very normal to be more or less fearful, as is the case before any minor surgery. Sometimes to reduce any anxiety, you can discuss the procedure with the dentist, because the more you understand what will happen, the less you will have apprehension towards treatment.

Placing a dental implant is usually done under local anesthesia, therefore any pain in your mouth is extremely reduced during the procedure, and it can also be non-existent. Rarely you can go through general anesthesia for placing an implant, and in that case you are not aware of anything that happens.

As in the case of a tooth extraction, or any other oral surgery, there will be pain for a few days after the placement of the dental implant. There will also be discomfort for a few weeks. The dentist or the surgeon normally prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain and the swelling.

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