Grey fillingsGrey fillings have been around for a long time. This amalgam alloy, which contains mercury, worries people more and more. The mercury is a hazardous to your health when it is in certain forms. There are dentists who disapprove of it completely. There are even countries, including the ones in Scandinavia, which have completely banned amalgam because it contains mercury.

Since the white composite fillings exist, they are becoming very popular because you simply can’t see them when they are on your teeth. Dentists are beginning to recommend them more and more because of their aesthetic qualities, and because they do not contain mercury like the grey amalgam fillings. But if you consider that the price composite is higher the price of amalgam, is it absolutely necessary to change all your grey fillings to white fillings?

The amalgam used to fill teeth contains mercury in very small quantities. Mercury is toxic in a large quantity and many dentists recommend using other materials to fill teeth. The Ordre des dentistes du Quebec and the Canadian Dental Association do not alarm people for the urgent change of all amalgam fillings for other non-toxic materials.

Therefore, as a professional advice, many dentists agree to keep grey fillings of their patients if they are still intact. But when these amalgam fillings become worn out, it would be more advisable to change them for white composite fillings, or other materials that exist such as porcelain or gold.

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