Tooth Sensitivity (Sensitive Teeth)

Tooth sensitivity is a pain affecting one or many teeth, which is stimulated by heat, cold, sweets, or even breathing in cold air.


  • Vigorous brushing; brushing the teeth with excessive force wears away the enamel of teeth and causes tooth sensitivity.
  • Gingival recession; the gum level recedes, due to periodontitis, or even a vigorous brushing, exposing the root and making the tooth sensitive.
  • Gingivitis; an inflammation of the gum that can become less attached, exposing the root.
  • Fracture; a crack or a fracture of a tooth can expose the dentin.
  • Grinding the teeth; bruxism wears down the enamel.
  • Tooth whitening; tooth whitening products can cause a temporary sensitivity to the teeth. The sensitivity disappears once the treatment is finished.
  • Mouthwashes; certain mouthwashes are acidic and long term use of them can wear away the enamel of the tooth.
  • Acidic diet; foods high in acid content, such as soft drinks, citric fruits, or ice-tea, wear away the enamel if consumed excessively.
  • Recent dental treatments, including fillings, or tartar scaling, root canals or crowns, can cause sensitivity to the restored tooth for a few weeks.


  • Maintaining a good oral hygiene by using a proper brushing technique and flossing.
  • Using a toothbrush with soft or ultra-soft bristles.
  • Reducing the consumption of acidic foods.
  • Avoiding grinding the teeth, by wearing a bite splint when needed.
  • Going to the dentist for regular dental exams.


  • Non-acidic mouthwashes containing fluoride.
  • Fillings to cover worn away enamel or the receded root.
  • More severe symptoms or a persistent sensitivity can necessitate other treatments.

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