The infections that occur while wearing dentures and partials can also happen while wearing any removable dental appliance, including orthodontic appliances.

The most common infectious lesion is the denture stomatitis. It is caused by poor oral hygiene or the continuous wear of the dentures, characterized by the presence of microscopic fungus, typically Candida albicans. It manifests itself as inflammation and redness of the palate, going as far as the appearance of granular surfaces.


  • An impeccable hygiene of the dentures, partials or the removable appliance is essential. The prosthetic should be cleaned and brushed after each meal, as well as the mouth.
  • Dentures should not be worn during the night. They should instead be soaked in an antiseptic solution (disinfectant). Avoid bleach if there is metal on the partials or the removable appliance.
  • If the infection is advanced, the dentist can recommend the use of antifungal mouthwash such as Nistatine.
  • If none of these treatments work, the doctor may investigate the possibility of a systemic disease, such as diabetes, or malnutrition.


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