Fillings can get worn or cracked after years of chewing or grinding the teeth. It is difficult to detect on ourselves a defective filling. However, a dentist can identify the weakness of dental restorations during a routine exam.

If the seal between the fillings and the enamel of the tooth is weakened, foods and bacteria of the mouth can infiltrate inside the tooth. This infiltration would therefore create a cavity underneath the filling. If this cavity is not treated, it can affect the pulp of the tooth and lead to a dental abscess.

Solutions for repairing a broken filling

  • A new filling, if the tooth is intact.
  • A dental crown, if a big cavity is formed or a piece of the tooth is fractured, leaving little healthy dental structure to support a replacement filling.
  • A root canal and a crown if the cavity or the fracture has reached the pulp chamber, or if the pulp is irritated.


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