Most dentists recommend the first dental visit to take place between the ages of two to three years old.

What takes place during the first visit

The first dental visit is usually short, with little treatments done. This visit allows the child to meet the dentist and the clinic’s staff in a friendly context. Some dentists prefer that the parents wait at the reception room during part of the visit so that a certain relationship is built between the child and the dentist, or between the child and the hygienist.

During this visit, the dentist checks the gums, the eruption of the teeth, and if there are any cavities. They might also clean the teeth and apply fluoride. Depending on the behaviour of the child, the dentist might recommend to postpone the dental cleaning to another day.

Dentist and pediatric dentist

A pediatric dentist is originally a dentist that has at least two additional years of university training. This additional training concentrates on tooth development of children, their behaviour, their growth, and more complex dental treatments.

A dentist can perform most of the dental treatments and preventative treatments of children. However, if a child has special needs, it is recommended to consult a pediatric dentist.

First x-rays

There are no set rules concerning the first dental x-rays for children. Theoretically, children suffering from baby bottle tooth decay should have x-rays taken earlier because they are more at risk. Generally, every child should have x-rays taken by six years old.

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