When Can Someone Start Playing Sports again after Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

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Sports - BasketballFollowing a complicated surgery, such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, the human body needs rest in order to focus on the healing process. It is important then to limit any intense physical effort to enable a full recovery of the wisdom teeth extraction sites.

Depending of the difficulty of the surgery, it is advisable not to do any heavy physical exercise during the following two days. It is also recommended to wait a week before playing any intense sports, such as football, basketball or even jogging. Meanwhile it is possible to do mild exercise such as walking or stretching. Itís even possible to go to work if little physical effort is required. Lifting heavy objects should however be avoided.

The dentist or surgeon who extracted the wisdom teeth can give better advice on the required rest period. This interruption of physical exercise may especially displease children or teenagers who are part of athletic leagues, or even adults who are following a training programme. But put in mind that this is only a temporary situation to help a full recovery of the wisdom teeth surgery.


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