What Lasts Longer, Grey Fillings or White Fillings?

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There are several factors that determine the longevity of a filling. These include the size of the filling, its location and whether it is subjected to high chewing forces. The material used is also an influencing factor.

White composite fillings have existed for a shorter time than grey fillings have. Their lifespan is also shorter than grey fillings. A study conducted in 2001 (Van Nieuwenhuysen) evaluated hundreds of fillings of different materials, and concluded that the average lifespan of composite fillings was 7.8 years, and the one for fillings made of amalgam was 12.8 years. But scientific research will ensure that the composite material used by dentists will last more years and will become more resistant to chewing forces. It is expected that the lifespan of white fillings will increase in years to come.

You must remember that the white composite fillings do not contain mercury, an element considered to be toxic by most dentists. This makes composites increasingly popular when choosing a filling material.



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