How Long Does it Bleed after a Wisdom Tooth Has Been Extracted?

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Will it hurt?Bleeding after tooth extraction is very common. It can stop a few minutes after the surgery and then start bleeding again a few hours later. It might still bleed a little bit the following day. It is therefore not unusual that you wake up the next morning with a little blood in your mouth.

The important thing is to put cotton gauze on the wisdom tooth area and bite on it to make pressure. If there is blood in your mouth, donít spit it, but instead let it flow out of your mouth. The suction in your mouth produced from spitting can dislodge the blood cloth and make you bleed even more.

Even better than cotton gauze, you can bite on a wet tea bag. Tea contains tannic acid that slows down the bleeding. Itís also important not to smoke for at least 3 days after the extraction in order to prevent painful complications such as dry socket.

If the bleeding is however consistent and comes out like a water valve, call your dentist immediately to have it checked.


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