Do You Have to Remove Your Retainers when You Eat?

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RetainerRetainers or removable orthodontic appliances (which are not cemented to teeth) must always be removed when you eat food. These appliances are made to keep teeth aligned, but unlike dentures, they are not made to eat with. They must be worn almost all the time, except when you eat or when you play sports.

It is very important to remember that retainers and orthodontic appliances also retain dental plaque and food particles after a meal. Therefore it is very important to brush and floss you teeth thoroughly before you wear back your retainers after you eat anything.

This advice goes also for any appliance that is removable, including mouth guards and bite splints (you must of course wear your mouth guard when you play sports). There are a few types of bite splints that you must eat with, but usually your dentist carefully explains to you if that is the case.


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