Can you Drink Alcohol after Tooth Extraction?

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Glass of WineHaving a tooth extracted in your mouth is not a pleasant experience and many people would have liked to relax after surgery with a glass of whiskey or a glass of red wine. But is it safe to drink alcohol after this kind of dental treatment?

After extracting a tooth or following any type of surgery in your mouth, it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before having an alcoholic beverage. This would allow the blood clot to develop well, where the surgery was carried out. In fact, during the first 24 hours, it is also preferable not to rinse your mouth with water or eat food that is too consistent, too hot or too cold. After that time, it should not be a problem to drink alcohol.

What you should remember about having alcohol is that, after surgery or tooth extraction, the dentist or surgeon usually prescribe antibiotics or analgesics to decrease the risk of infection and reduce pain. Several of these drugs should not be mixed with alcohol, since such a mixture could be toxic and potentially harmful to your health.

Therefore, to avoid any problems, whether for the healing of your gums or for the wellbeing of your health in general, it is preferable to keep away from alcohol after surgery in your mouth. You can drink alcohol only when you have completed the prescribed medication.


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